Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Supplement for 21st Centry

    Supplements such as supplement products are very good for improving health. We can get it at any store, supermarket and pharmacy. Products based on herbal plants and animals are the source of nature that many people ignored the terms of goodness increase the health of the body and can prevent symptoms of the early stages of a dangerous disease. As we've heard that the use of ingredients of herbal plants have been used since time immemorial for health purposes.

          There also are used to treat diseases such as high fever, skin problems, cancer and more dangerous diseases. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Noni juice (Noni) can treat and restore internal and external wounds. Cordyceps mushrooms from the group can improve immunity, increase vitality and reduce fatigue. Colostrum/IgG/Alpha Lipid act naturally also can improve disease resistance and burn excess fat. Plants from Echinacea family such as the "Elephant Trunk Leaf" (Daun Belalai Gajah) is one of the high antioxidant and can fight cancer cells. Plant of the Polysaccharides family such as Lingzhi also has a more powerful force to fight cancer cells.

          There are also the advantages of Shitake mushrooms which also has many benefits and is widely used in Japan as an anti-cancer substance. Sprulina which is a type of blue-green fresh water algae is a "super food" very high protein content and can improve the immune system, regulate blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Chlorella is a green algae from clear sea is also very high in protein, vitamin C and C, iron and antioxidants are high impact body comprehensive care. The Greens are also very good with the character as a cleaning agent in the digestive tract. Bee Pollen is also very good at reducing inflammation, antioxidant, increase the body's immune, protect the liver, reducing the impact of menopause and eliminate stress. Grape seed and Pine Bark also affects the highest antioxidant to comprehensive health body from head to toe. Ginseng family Araliachiae proved blood circulation and affect overall health.

          A stunning discovery in the field of food supplements and medicine in the 21st century to improve the body's immune and youthful that affect the body's overall health and longevity is the "Transfer Factor". Transfer Factor is a very small protein molecule acts as an important factor in the body's immune system, naturally blessed with a gift from the Mother Nature.

"This is the most exciting product for the immune system that I've seen in my eighteen years of practicing medicine. Transfer Factor has literally revolutionized my practice".
-  Kenneth Singleton, M.D. -

          A group of scientists tested over 150 supplements to determine their effectiveness in boosting the immune system, specifically Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. Test result demonstrated that two (2) supplements tested at unsurpassed levels. Transfer Factor Advanced Formula boosted NK cell activity by 283% and Transfer Factor Plus Formula boosted NK cell activity by 437%.


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