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The Best and Healthy Diapers For Your Baby

          There are various brands of Disposable Diapers in markets such as Huggies, Pampers, Merries, Drypers, MamyPoko, Whoopee, Pet Pet, Tesco, Babyku, Fitty and others. So what is the choice of mothers in Malaysia? Most Malaysians are comprised of middle-income groups. So in this case, the price often plays a major role in the selection of a product.


          In my research, Pampers, Merries, Drypers and MamyPoko are well known manufacturers of disposable diaper products and the quality is also very good for each of them have their own unique product to sell. Drypers with "Wee Wee Dry" product, Pampers with "Baby Dry" product, Huggies with “Ultra Diapers” product, MamyPoko with "Extra Dry" product are all their highest and the best quality products they have produced. Each one has its own special features to have a better absorption power from other disposable diapers.


          If talk about Pampers, MamyPoko and Merries brand, each of them is a high quality product and has remarkable design, artificial materials, high absorption and comfort. It meets all categories of ratings for those who prioritize the quality of a product. The price is quite expensive compared to other brands and is a leading brand. Many get it when cheap sales.

          Drypers and Huggies reach a good level of comfort but have a few lack in terms of artificial materials and designs used. Some parent prefer Huggies for night wear as its ability to absorb is good and babies like it. This slightly bluish, long and slightly bulging design is perfect for a nightwear where you do not have to worry about getting out of bed to change your baby diaper. Drypers also have a slightly stiffly back. Others than that, Pampers and Merries design is more thinner layer of fabric and pad make it easier for your child to wear it and ideal for use while on the go.


           To meet the needs of consumers who need a more economical disposable diaper, it comes with other brands like Pet Pet, Babyku, Fitty, Tesco and others. Prices are affordable by all groups and are easy to apply to your baby. The materials used are slightly coarse and the absorption rate is moderate. It is strongly recommended to keep track of your baby stool's dumping rate to avoid over-diffusivity and it would be harmful in the event of any bacterial infection.

         So far the best quality is Pampers, Merries and MamyPoko. Huggies and Drypers have a modest quality and other brands are more economical.



Pampers Price Comparison.

Distributors in Malaysia sell at a selling price of MYR288 for 256 pieces.
Total amount = MYR288 + MYR9 (postage) = MYR297
The price for a piece is MYR1.16 / pcs

"From our observation, many parent agree to use Pampers Baby Dry as the best daytime diapers". 

Another Type Of Pampers That Is More Economic.



Selling Price is MYR288 for 328 pieces.
Total amount = MYR288 + MYR9 (postage) = MYR297
Therefore the price for a piece is about MYR0.90 / pcs.


With this offer that is more economical price to buy.

P / S: Unbox price is much cheaper (around MYR0.80 / pcs) and have to deal with the dealer.

About Products:

·         #1 Choice of Hospitals, Nurses and Parents (Hospitals: based on hospital sales data; nurses: vs. other hospital brands, among those with a preference; parents: based on retail sales)

·         2x softer with up to 12 hours of protection (vs. the every-day-of-the-year brand)

·         Heart Quilts provide our softest comfort ever, while pulling wetness and mess away

·         Air Channels allows air to reach baby’s skin to help keep them dry and comfortable

·         Wetness Indicator so you know when it’s time for a change

·         Size 1 is for 8-14 Lbs / 4-6 Kg babies

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The Best and Healthy Diapers For Your Baby

          There are various brands of Disposable Diapers in markets such as Huggies, Pampers, Merries, Drypers, MamyPoko, Whoopee, P...

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