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Healthy Tips (Chinese Cuisine)

Good Healthy Diet Tip for Dining Out Chinese Cuisine

Healthy Tips

for Eating/Dining Out Chinese Food

          One of the favorite dish for the people nowadays is Chinese Cuisine that have been most popular healthy cuisines. Try to order fewer entrees instead of main dish that have often quit large portion when you have dinner companions. 


          Choose entrees with lots of vegetables such as ‘chop suey’ with steamed rice. Substitute chicken for duck if possible. Skip the oily crispy fried noodles on the table that can course you the increase in calories for your body. Try to ask the chef to use less oil when preparing stir-fry and other dishes. Leave out soy sauce, MSG and salt.

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-         Try Wonton or hot and sour soup, or skip the soup completely instead of egg drop soup.

-         Try steamed dumplings instead of egg rolls or fried wontons.

-         Try Boiled, broiled, steam or lightly stir-fried entrees instead of fried entrees.

-  Try dishes with lots of vegetables instead of dishes with fried meals.

-  Try dishes with water chestnuts instead of dishes with cashews and peanuts (not a problem if you are not overweight).

-         Try steam rice instead of fried rice.
-         Try sweet and sour sauce, plum or duct sauce instead of lobster sauce (egg yolks), oyster sauce, bean sauce and soy sauce.

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It is important to understand the nutrient on the menu when you eat out. You can eat heart healthy if you know what to look for. Many of the restaurant out there offer delicious meals that are low in saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, or will prepare your food to order. With a little bit of effort, you can ensure that the meals you eat away from home are part of healthy diet.


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