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Weight Management

Keep Calories in Check

          Ever wanted to be one of those people who can easily eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full? If you’re not perfect, there’s still a lot you can do to keep those calories in check. Regulate your portion sizes, keep your glucose levels balanced, control your appetite, or even, substitute a protein shake for a regular meal.

          Did you know? Portion sizes have gotten larger over the last few years. Larger portions can easily lead to significant excess calorie intake, especially when eating high calorie foods. When eating at a restaurant, share a meal or take half of your food home with you. At home, choose smaller plates and skip second portions.



Provides balanced nutrition as a replacement meal or snack
• Contains 170  calories, 11  grams of fiber, and  18 grams of  protein to create a  feeling of fullness
• Includes Transfer  Factor E-XF  immune system  support




Block Calories from Carbs and Fat.

Whether we like it or not, calories do count. But even people with perfect willpower might sometimes eat a few too many chips or cookies. Block those calories before they hit your waistline!

Carb BLX™ Inhibits carbs and fat from being absorbed
• Inhibits the digestion and   absorption of fat  and carbs
• Promotes fat burning and  healthy energy levels


ChitoLite® Binds up fat

• Discourages absorption  of fat in the body
• Maximizes fat-binding ability   of standard chitosan

Neutralize Sugar Cravings

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’re craving a freshly baked pastry from the corner bakery. Giving into your cravings can derail your healthy eating efforts. Fight those cravings instead

Catalyst® Plus Neutralizes sugar cravings
• Supports healthy  glucose levels
• Supports healthy  energy levels


Support Metabolism

Keep your metabolic rate humming along with all-natural products that support your body’s ability to burn fat and maintain thyroid function.

Citri-Shape® Burns body fat as fuel
• Inhibits fat storage
• Promotes healthy  energy levels

MetaboLite™ Promotes a healthy functioning thyroid
• Promotes healthy  thyroid function
• Supports digestion with  natural enzymes

Get Energized

If you don’t have the energy to make healthy choices, you’ll probably struggle to meet your goals. Whether you need a boost of energy to make it through the afternoon or a way to amp up for your workout without hitting the wall, we’ve got an energy product for you.

Energy Go Stix® Helps you zip through your day
• Boosts your energy naturally with green tea, yerbe mate, and guarana!
• Includes 4Life Transfer Factor® immune system support
• Is available in citrus and berry flavors


Your Daily Regimen

Need a starting point? Here’s an example of a healthy eating plan and supplementation plan. Make sure to add 30–60 minutes of daily exercise to help you achieve and maintain your goals.


“I’m a mother of three kids. When I had my last baby, I started running to get into better shape. It would take an hour to get through my workout. I began increasing how far I could run. After two years of running, I just ran my first ½ marathon. I know I couldn’t have done it without Energy Go Stix to help support my energy levels!”
- Hilda Karina Arteaga 4Life distributor Texas, USA


“My doctor told me that I needed to start a weight management program. I ordered Energy Go Stix®, Flex 4Life®, Shape-Fast Ultra®, and NutraStart®. I followed the regimen faithfully and started jogging again. After three months, I was pleased to show my doctor the results I had experienced. My doctor and her staff were so thrilled and surprised. Thank you, 4Life!”

- Richard Darvas 4Life Diamond Florida, USA




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